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3 Pro-Theming Tips for Drupal 7

from Sarah Prasuhn on February 26, 2015 10:00am


Most developers know how to do these, but a lot of people follow the temptation and skip them in the rush to go live.

These simple steps reassure future developers and clients that you know what you are doing, subsequently increasing your value with just a few minutes of work.

All which means you can charge more and book more clients, both of which lead to the ability to do more of the things you love that are just for fun!

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The Incredible Power of Failure

from Sarah Prasuhn on February 20, 2015 02:30pm


"I really thought it would look...different.." the client on the other end bemoans. "And users really seem confused by where we put the login..."

This was ALL per their request. The login, the layout, everything they HAD TO HAVE. You protested gently, but hey you have to eat and it's their website.

But you knew that they didn't know what they were asking for, you knew people aren't born knowing what their website needs, and everyone tells them they have to be. Unfortunately User Interface decisions are not fake it until you make it for most people.

And when their website failed, you became the code monkey. Because of the precious EXPENSIVE project hours they spent on making, and remaking, decisions that really bring very little value to anyone in the long haul.

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Why you should ALWAYS have a troubleshooting guide

from Sarah Prasuhn on February 11, 2015 04:40pm


Your demo is in 4hrs. 4 hours! The issues you have left could take that much time, not even counting pushing the changes and hoping it doesn't break the dev site.

Oh, and did I mention...your design changes aren't showing up. So you can't fix anything right now. ANYTHING! You haven't changed an issue to DONE in over an hour.

You've tried everything.

Save. Reload. Save. RELOAD AGAIN. What could it be?

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7 Things for Troubleshooting Drupal 7 Theming

from Sarah Prasuhn on January 28, 2015 11:05am


When I worked in Reality TV Post Production I always had a troubleshooting guide. Most of the time I was working the night shift, and trust me no matter how many times you've done something sometimes your brain just breaks at 2am.

In case you haven't done this before a troubleshooting guide is basically just a list of the steps you take when things break, it helps you avoid that moment of exasperation 3 hours later when you realize how simple the solution really was.

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Model Your Data with Drupal and Domain-driven Design

from Michael Prasuhn on January 20, 2015 09:00am


On of the things I've blogged about recently when talking about my upcoming book Model Your Data with Drupal is domain-driven design. While domain-driven design is important and something that I hope to touch on in the future, I've decided it's too much to cover in one book, and I'm refocusing Model Your Data with Drupal on basic object oriented principles.

If you want to know more about this decision and what will be covered in Model Your Data with Drupal, read on.

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When to Use a Framework

from Sarah Prasuhn on January 15, 2015 10:45am


Design frameworks are pretty and shiny and like Drupal can be fun, but you have to use them in the right context. So here's when to use a Design Framework for your Drupal site, and by default when not to as well.

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Failure to Launch: The Myth of the Missing Map

from Sarah Prasuhn on November 24, 2014 04:00pm


It's all about perspective when it comes to launching. We always think we need something more, that missing set of instructions or special ingredient that will propel us to finish. That special person, few moments of sanity, or foolproof plan.

But at the end of the day, while those things may encourage us to make the choice to take action or bring balance and clarity, they never change the fact that we won't make it anywhere until we start the journey. We could be waiting at the bus stop thinking it's the only way we'll get there, when the whole time we could have been on the train.

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How to Level Up from Nice Guy Dev to Awesome Guy Dev

from Sarah Prasuhn on November 19, 2014 02:05pm


If Barbie I can be a Computer Engineer taught us anything it taught us that Stephen and Brian are nice guys. They just want to help, they know how to fix it, and they are there just when you need them to be. And worst of all they don't mean anything by it.

So what's a nice guy to do? You care, you retweet the awesomest feminist blogs, you were ON it during #gamergate. But on a human interaction level how does it go? Here are some ways that you can level up from just that nice guy that I don't call out on everything, but who secretly makes me sad, to awesome guy that makes my day well...awesome.

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Screencast: How to add syntax highlighting to Pages and Keynote

from Michael Prasuhn on October 23, 2013 08:05am


It'd be great if the code we write and work with only needed to live in our editor, but in reality we need to share it unexpected ways all the time. Reports, presentations, and emails are all places where from time to time you need to share some code, and wouldn't it be nice if it was syntax highlighted?

Well if you're on a Mac here's a simple screencast that shows you how to do this.

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How to become 'bad' client free

from Sarah Prasuhn on October 16, 2013 02:05pm

We've all had clients we love to hate. You know, the client that eats into your bank account, your sleep, and drives you nuts via the modern torture device of email. They are NEVER happy, don't seem to know what they want, never give you the right content, and can't understand why you can't just make a $1.5mil project for $25,000.

It's easy to vent and blame it all on the client, but how do you know that the failed relationship is all on the client? In my experience there are two main reasons that client relationships don't work out, and both are preventable as a web consultant if you pay attention and prepare ahead of time.

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