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When the honeymoon of the launch passes...

You woke up this morning to another email from an unhappy user, the search isn't working again. It wasn't supposed to be this hard! You spent months telling your developer what you needed, and after some compromising you got just that. But it breaks when you turn your back, and what you thought would make your users happy isn't. Your developer makes changes as you ask, but your users aren't any happier and the app fails unexpectedly.

Tired of wasting time trying to know everything?

Do you feel like you have to know what features you want? Does it feel like everyone else is born knowing what their webapp should do? It's just a myth. You don't know, and why should you, it's not your job. Your not building apps day and day out, constantly seeing what new opportunities the web is offering. But it's ours. Don't let the antiquated separation between designers and builders kill your ability to get what you need. Work with the web in a fresh way that maximizes what you actually need.

Your journey to a better web existence!

Turn your business' web existence into something amazing! Accommodate your users in helpful ways, not just impressing the higher ups. Because if the users are happy your boss will be too! The web is just like a real city with living breathing inhabitants. Work with humans who build applications for humans. Be setup for the constantly changing web with tests, smart content workflows, and training so your focus is your business not your failing app!

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  • Michael Prasuhn

    Mikey P

    Hi, I'm Michael Prasuhn. Making clean well architected software that provides an awesome user experience is my passion. Weapons of choice are Ruby, Node.js, PHP and Drupal, which I use to make amazing things for our clients. In my spare time I contribute to and build open source software to help make the web a better place.

    You can find me on Twitter, GitHub, or

    Sarah Prasuhn

    Sarah P

    In my former lives I worked in reality tv post-production and as trainer at the Apple retail store. I've experienced firsthand the freedom and connection that good applications can bring. Buggy code and bad design has also caused me to lose countless hours of sleep and sanity. My passion and hope for every project is to make life a little more joyful, a little more interesting, and a lot less stressful.

    You can find me on Love, Sarah P, Twitter, GitHub, or