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The Journey to Drupal 7

from Michael Prasuhn and Sarah Prasuhn on December 30, 2010 02:00pm


As the world takes in all the changes in Drupal 7, the developers are already tirelessly moving onto Drupal 8. So before we get into how awesome D7 is we would like to thank all of the collaborators that we have worked with off and on for the past three years. D7 contributors you are truly a remarkable group of people to see this difficult journey through with such incredible results.

The journey to Drupal 7 was a long and difficult one, but the product is nothing short of amazing. In fact it is very possible that no one really knows how much Drupal 7 will change the course of history for the individuals that have participated, and for those yet to use it. Three years is a long time for a Drupal release, but Drupal 7 is well worth wait.

It maintains and extends the concepts that have made Drupal what it is. With a powerful and focused core that is easy to build upon, and usable by even those with no prior web-development experience.

In the backend a new powerful Field API uses entities. Allowing tighter integration and better support, and a consistent way to extend any Drupal object from users to files, and taxonomy terms. In addition it works more easily with new generation NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Riak, and many others.

Overlays make administrating simpler out the box. This in addition to the new Seven theme make administering sites faster and provide a consistent UI wherever Drupal 7 is used. This also reduces the level of expertise needed to add content and moderate sites. Which all adds up to leaving more time in development to focus on building the forward site instead of the administration pages.

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