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All about that trace, 'bout that trace

from Michael Prasuhn on March 19, 2015 09:25am


No one likes debugging code when it breaks and you can't figure out why it's broken. That piece of code might have been hard enough to write in the first place, or maybe it's a snippet that "should work" from a coworker, or maybe the documentation is missing, or maybe.... But what if you've checked, double and triple checked, and it's still not your code, it's something else in the system – code you're calling out to, or something that is calling your code – what do you do then?

Enter the backtrace, (also known as stack trace, or just trace). A powerful weapon in any software developers toolkit, it is more and more useful as the software you develop grows in complexity (Drupal 8 anyone?)

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Simple ways to make your Drupal clients and bank account happier

from Sarah Prasuhn on June 20, 2013 04:55pm


Feel like your clients always want too much? Wish you could do more than break even? Tired of feeling like you jumped into the deep end of the pool every time there's a Drupal upgrade? Here are some simple ways to make Drupal consulting fun again.

1. Listen to what your clients are actually asking for

Say your client wants to have a block that they can put 'anything' into. Obviously Drupal data is in many forms, views, content types, nodes, beans,'s not that simple especially for non-technical clients. (See Mike's upcoming book Model Your Data with Drupal for more info on how to keep Drupal's data structures nice and tidy.)

Stop and ask yourself what is it that the client really needs?

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